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"Like I Was Here"

"Adreyn Cash is the up-and-coming R&B powerhouse"- Flaunt Magazine.

Adreyn Cash - Illusions

From the opening track ‘Angel’s Lie’, which sees Adreyn lamenting a loss of innocence and the end of a relationship, and the deeply personal ‘Breathe’, which was written as Adreyn was battling depression in 2017, to ‘Strange Fruit’, about our forever search for unconditional love, and the slow-burning ‘Mama Papa’, to the guitar-driven sensual track ‘Sweetest Taste’, Adreyn Cash’s Illusions EP takes the listener on an expansive lyrical and musical journey, which makes for a greatly compelling listen, from start to finish.



1. Angel’s Lie

2. Breathe

3. Strange Fruit

4. Gravity

5. Illusions

6. Mama Papa

7. Sweetest Taste

8. Angel’s Lie (Stripped)

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